Honorary President
Michael A. Peters


Emeritus Professor, University of Illinois (USA)

Vice President
Dimitria Electra Gatzia


University of Akron Wayne College (USA)

Nipun Agarwal
Giorgio Baruchello
Walter E. Block
Inoussa Boubacar
Francesca Coin
Fassil Fanta
Mark Fox
Hershey H. Friedman
Linda W. Friedman
Katherina Glac
Tomas Kliestik
Maria Lorca-Susino
Stefano Lucarelli
Lucia Morales
João Pinto
Mariana Mota Prado
Nicholas M. Odhiambo
Christopher Olds
James Reveley
David F. Shaffer
Vichet Sum
Serge Svizzero
Clement Tisdell

University of New England (Australia)
University of Akureyri (Iceland)
Loyola University New Orleans (USA)
Clarion University (USA)
Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (Italy)
Brenau University (USA)
Indiana University, South Bend (USA)
City University of New York (USA)
City University of New York (USA)
University of St. Thomas, Minnesota (USA)
University of Zilina (Slovakia)
University of Miami (USA)
University of Bergamo (Italy)
Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland)
Catholic University of Portugal (Portugal)
University of Toronto (Canada)
University of South Africa (South Africa)
University of South Florida (USA)
University of Wollongong (Australia)
State University of New York (USA)
University of Maryland, Eastern Shore (USA)
University of La Réunion (France)
The University of Queensland, Brisbane (Australia)

Center for Behavioral Decision Research
Director: Michael Farber (CSA, New York)

Center for Health Economics
Director: Richard Breillat (IISHSS, New York)


Center for Health Management
Director: Christine Keller (CSA, New York)

Center for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis
Director: Gheorghe H. Popescu (Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University)

Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies
Director: Elvira Nica (Bucharest University of Economic Studies)

Australasian Center for Knowledge Governance
Director: Derek Rommer (CSA, New York)

Latin America Center for Cognitive Economics
Director: Loren Taylor (IISHSS, New York)

European Center for Economic Performance
Director: Kenneth Creager (CSA, New York)

African Center for Economic Development 
Director: Sharon Smith (IISHSS, New York)

Ethics and Law Center
Director: Mitchell Udell (AAER, Melbourne)

Social Justice Center 
Director: Chloe Segers (IISHSS, London)

The Center for Workforce Analytics, Chicago, IL
Director: Patrick Cohen


The Industrial Artificial Intelligence Research Unit, Washington, D.C.
Director: Paul Helton


The Big Data-driven Smart Manufacturing Laboratory, San Francisco, CA
Director: Christine Davis


The Center for Sustainable Internet-of-Things-based Manufacturing Systems, Los Angeles, CA
Director: Ashley Hughes


The Cyber-Physical Smart Manufacturing Systems Research Unit, Boston, MA
Director: Arthur Williams


The Smart and Sustainable Urban Space Monitoring Systems Laboratory, Seattle, WA
Director: Lesley Roberts


The Internet of Things-based Smart Healthcare Systems Laboratory, Toronto
Director: Mark Stewart


The Center for Smart Internet of Things-enabled Mobile-based Health Monitoring Systems, Ottawa
Director: Peter Taylor


The Wearable Internet of Things Healthcare Systems Research Unit, Montreal
Director: Jane Bennett


The Center for Medical Big Data Analytics, Calgary
Director: Katherine Matthews


The Center for Real-Time and Remote Health Monitoring Internet of Things-based Systems, Auckland
Director: Daniel Newman


The Cyber-Physical Production Networks Research Unit, Wellington
Director: Alexander Watson


The Smart Sustainable Data-driven Manufacturing Laboratory, Hamilton
Director: Patricia Wilson


The Center for Datafied Urban Governance, Melbourne
Director: Nicholas Lewis


The Smart City Big Data Analytics Research Unit, Sydney
Director: Nathan Bell


The Internet of Things-based Real-Time Production Logistics Laboratory, Brisbane
Director: Edward Bryson


The Center for Networked and Integrated Urban Technologies, Adelaide
Director: Roger Hill


The Center for Artificial Intelligence Data-driven Internet of Things Systems, London
Director: Kelly Moore


The Internet of Things-enabled Smart Sustainable Cities Laboratory, Manchester
Director: David Irwin


The Sustainable Development of Innovative Data-driven Urban Ecosystems Research Unit, Birmingham
Director: Kathryn Stewart


The Center for Computationally Networked Urbanism, Liverpool
Director: Sarah Harrington


The Internet of Things-enabled Smart Governance Laboratory, Bristol
Director: Jennifer Wright


The Center for Industrial Big Data Analytics, Edinburgh
Director: George Clark


The Cognitive Computing Technologies Research Unit, Glasgow
Director: Becky Adams


The Cyber-Physical Manufacturing Systems Laboratory, Aberdeen
Director: Emily Allen


The Center for Cognitive Industrial Internet of Things, Dublin
Director: Karen Gray


The Citizen-centered Urban Governance Networks Research Unit, Cork
Director: Margaret Turner


The Medical Internet of Things-based Healthcare Systems Laboratory, Galway
Director: Matthew Cooper


The Center for Biomedical Big Data, Belfast
Director: Carol Johnson