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Research project: “Socioeconomics of Governance Networks,”
American Association for Economic Research (2010–2018),
ID No: AAP2016-6 ($15,000).
Project coordinator: George Lăzăroiu
(books publication procedures – peer review, formatting,
proofreading, copyediting, printing, and indexing).

• Tibor Machan (Chapman University)
Equality, So Badly Misunderstood
ISBN 978-1-935494-14-0, LCCN 2010915193

Rebellion in Print: Political Ideas Against the Current
ISBN 978-1-935494-23-2, LCCN 2011936841

The Normative Defense of Free Market Capitalism:
Did the Free Market Cause the Financial Fiasco?
ISBN 978-1-935494-19-5, LCCN 2011902492

Revisiting the Objectivist/Subjectivist Debate
ISBN 978-1-935494-36-2, LCCN 2012943287

The Georgia Lectures on Principles, Transitions and Development
ISBN 978-1-935494-35-5, LCCN 2012941204

Philosophy with Meaning
ISBN 978-1-935494-51-5, LCCN 2013932279

Ancient, Modern and Contemporary Individualism
ISBN 978-1-935494-62-1, LCCN 2013953012

Answers from a Real Radical. Interviews with Tibor Machan
ISBN 978-1-935494-68-3, LCCN 2014947566

• Michael A. Peters (University of Illinois)
Citizenship, Human Rights and Identity:
Prospects of a Liberal Cosmopolitan Order
ISBN 978-1-935494-61-4, LCCN 2013952483

Liber amicorum: A Philosophical Conversation among Friends.
A Festschrift for Michael A. Peters
ISBN 978-1-935494-99-7, LCCN 2014947561

• Peter Smith (Manchester University)
The Reform of Economics: How the Complex Systems Approach
Is Building a Realistic and Humane Alternative to Laissez-faire
ISBN 978-1-935494-12-6, LCCN 2011936842

• Anis Bajrektarevic (University of Applied Sciences-IMC, Krems, Austria)
Is There Life After Facebook?
Geopolitics of Technology and Other Foreign Policy Essays
ISBN 978-1-935494-59-1, LCCN 2013944923

From WWI to www. Geopolitics 100 Years Later
ISBN  978-1-942585-41-1, LCCN 2018915178

• Thomas J. DiLorenzo (Loyola University Maryland)
Walter Block (Loyola University New Orleans)
An Austro-Libertarian Critique of Public Choice
ISBN 978-1-935494-97-3, LCCN 201695370