The Cognitive Labor Institute (CLI) conducts and supports research at AAER, disseminating the latest outputs from our centers, and is associated with 8 Scopus-indexed journals. The CLI is also official partner of Economics, Management, and Financial Markets (editors: Dimitria Electra Gatzia, University of Akron Wayne College, and Christopher Olds, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley), Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics (editors: Leo Bin, University of Illinois at Springfield, and Clement Tisdell, The University of Queensland), and Psychosociological Issues in Human Resource Management (editors: Hershey H. Friedman and Linda W. Friedman, City University of New York). Interdisciplinary since its inception, the CLI brings together more than 50 research fellows with an excellent record of publications in the Web of Science.

Journal peer reviewers include scholars affiliated with Stanford University, Princeton University, Oxford University, University of Cambridge, Columbia University, University of Michigan, University of Washington, University of Colorado Boulder, Purdue University, University College London, University of Western Sydney, University of Aberdeen, London Metropolitan University, University of Kent, University of Exeter, Aston University, University of Birmingham, The University of Chicago, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Reading, University of Minnesota, University of Miami, University of Essex, Mississippi State University, University of Central Florida, The University of Sheffield, University of Manchester, University of Maryland, etc.

Our research products have been peer-reviewed by scholars affiliated with first-rate US-based universities.

Research fellows: Donald Adams, Carolyn Bradley, Karen Coatney, Shirley Davies, Ruth Davis, John Dawson, Elizabeth Dobson-Lohman, Gerald Duft, Vanessa Evans, Glenn Eysenck, Anna Fielden, Keith Franklin, Scott Graessley, Timothy Grossman, Peter Haskins, Diana Kassick, Jonathan Lewis, Nicholas G. McKinlay, Lise McQuay, Christine Morgan, Claire Platt, Harriet Rodney, Linda Taylor, Odile Throne, Chelsea Tooby, Caryl Tuffnell, Daniel Turner, Kim Wener.

Artificial Intelligence-driven Big Data Analytics Laboratory, Raleigh, NC, USA
Team: James Evans, Alan Gibbs

Real-Time Medical Data Analytics Research Unit, Cardiff, Wales
Team: Elisabeth Swift, Helen Welch

The Center for Artificial Intelligence-enabled Healthcare Delivery, Nashville, TN, USA
Team: Janet Collier, Mark Woods

Personalized Clinical Care Research Unit, Nottingham, England
Team: Diana Stone, Carol Ford

The Center for Interconnected Sensor Networks, Austin, TX, USA
Team: Ellen Peters, Susan Johnson

Smart City Planning and Management Research Unit, Inverness, Scotland
Team: Kate Douglas, Susan Beckett

The Center for Machine Learning-based Analytics, Jacksonville, FL, USA
Team: Ann Barrett, Thomas Wigley

Big Data-driven Transportation Planning and Engineering Laboratory, Winnipeg, Canada
Team: Michael Hickman, Kathleen Porter, Charles Cooper

Urban Big Data Analytics Research Unit, San Diego, CA, USA
Team: Steve Perkins, Michael Rowland

Smart Sustainable Urbanism Research Unit, Swansea, Wales
Team: Barbara Becker, John Bailey, Karen Griffin

Sustainable Smart Manufacturing Research Unit, Tampa, FL, USA
Team: Amanda Galbraith, Melissa Halley

Network Connectivity Systems Laboratory, Charlotte, NC, USA
Team: Margaret Parker, Elizabeth Lawrence, Kelly Connor

Sustainable and Smart Urban Transport Systems Laboratory, Portsmouth, England
Team: Susan Aldridge, Richard Abbott, Richard Barker

The Center for Smart Transportation Systems, Limerick, Ireland
Team: Andrew Harrison, John Taylor

Sustainable Urban Governance Networks Laboratory, Houston, TX, USA
Team: Paul Stanley, Margaret Ross

Autonomous Mobility Systems Laboratory, Southampton, England
Team: Richard Campbell, John Parker

Big Data-driven Smart Cities Laboratory, Fort Worth, TX, USA
Team: Martha Gray, Vanessa Evans

Sustainable Manufacturing Internet of Things Research Unit, Durham, England
Team: Daniel Prichard, Ann Conway

The Sustainable Industry 4.0 Research Unit, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Team: Donna Ansley, Rebecca Gibb

The Networked Governance Research Unit, Boulder, CO, USA
Team: Laura Ashander, Miriam Durst, Brent Noack, Ann Mitchell

The Sustainable Industrial Networks Research Unit, Springfield, IL, USA
Team: Anne Flygare, Laura Rydell

The Technological Unemployment Research Unit, Berkeley, CA, USA
Team: Philipp Furnham, Cynthia Blackmore

The Automated Production Systems Research Unit, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Team: Adrian Gill-Cox, Rebecca Dolan-Canning, Susan Shaw

The Cognitive Automation Research Unit, New Haven, CT, USA
Team: Scott Graessley, Carol Welch

The Innovative Sustainable Business Models Research Unit, Syracuse, NY, USA
Team: Louise Graham, Jaime Gradeck

The Behavioral and Consumer Neuroscience Laboratory, Dallas, TX, USA
Team: Timothy Grossman, James Willis

The Business Automation Laboratory, Madison, WI, USA
Team: Cheryl Groucutt, Robert Stanley

The Smart Economy Laboratory, Durham, NC, USA
Team: Johanna Grudin, Mary McGill

The Center for Algorithmic Labor, Newark, NJ, USA
Team: Eileen Hardingham, Mark Olsen

The Center for Platform-based Economy, Austin, TX, USA
Team: Duncan Hawkley, Rachel Becker

The Center for Machine Ethics, Seattle, WA, USA
Team: Terry Hayhoe, Andrew Sullivan

The Smart Mobility Laboratory, Denver, CO, USA
Team: Bart Hecht, Sarah Bennett

The Center for Automated Digital Systems, Las Vegas, NV, USA
Team: Harvey Kearney, Mark Walters

The Center for Social Media and Digital Technology, Baltimore, MD, USA
Team: Raffaella Kirby, Jill Watkins

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Laboratory, Atlanta, GA, USA
Team: John Koppel, Christine Edwards

The Center for Gig Economy, Kansas City, MO, USA
Team: Katherine Lachman, Janet McCann

The Online Labor Platforms Laboratory, Cincinnati, OH, USA
Team: Maria Durlauf, Jason Carter

The Sharing Economy Platforms Laboratory, Montreal, Canada
Team: Jerome Deggans, Frances Ludbrook, Daniel Bennett

The Center for Online Platform Economy, Toronto, Canada
Team: Brigitte Culkin, Christopher Lyons

The Center for Cognitive Technology-driven Automation, Ottawa, Canada
Team: Darren Chessell, Carol Trettin, Karen Wade, George Clarke, Colin
Barnett, Frank Howard, Edwin Grant, Deborah Plumpton

The Center for Digital Labor Markets, Sydney, Australia
Team: Melissa Connolly-Barker, Jonathan Grayson, Joan Scott, Robert Davidson,

The Center for Precision Medicine, Manchester, England
Team: Tessa Blanton, John Brown, Kerry Durkin, Angela Phillips, Frank Rydell

The Personalized Health Care Laboratory, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Team: Shirley Berke, Amanda Walker, Kenneth Campbell, Ingrid Goethals, Peter Williams, Brian Gallagher, Adam Stevens

The Center for Labor Research and Education, Chicago, IL, USA
Team: Michael Rowthorn, Brigitte Culkin, Rosalie Milward, Tessa Blanton

The Social Science Research Unit, Washington, DC, USA
Team: George Lazaroiu, Diana Letcher, Jerome Deggans, Robert Tuyls, Breda Neary, Ross Willette, Daniel Medin-Eastwood, Carolyn Riegler

The Center for Labor Economics, Hamburg, Germany
Team: Donna Ansley, Brian Sorells, Derrick Whelan, Raffaella Kirby

The Labor Center for Economic and Public Policy, Stockholm, Sweden
Team: Constance Ranki, Darren Chessell, Simone Ralston, Adrian Gill-Cox

The Social Analytics Laboratory, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Team: Stacy Hodgkins, Philipp Furnham, Anne Flygare, Ronald Dubman, Therese Whittle, Helen Cooper, Richard Schraw

The Digital Dynamics Laboratory, Miami, FL, USA
Team: Odile Throne, Harvey Kearney, Cheryl Riley, Dermot Putnam, Allan Bongard, Mathilde Felstead, Eliot Keane

The Health Economics Research Unit, Glasgow, Scotland
Team: Gavin Sheares, Karen Collins, Katherine Lachman, Shannon Fincham, Matthew Green, Rebecca Rogers, Gregory Sampson