The Institute of Smart Big Data Analytics is a research unit at the American Association for Economic Research, carrying out research on cognitive technology-driven automation • big data architectures in Industry 4.0 • cyber-physical smart manufacturing systems • artificial intelligence in financial markets • algorithmic labor in the platform economy • networked, smart, and responsive devices in sustainable Internet-of-Things-based manufacturing systems • digitally driven sharing-economy services • sensor-based and cognitive assistance systems in Industry 4.0, etc.

Journals associated with us: Linguistic and Philosophical Investigations (Editor: Marek Tesar, The University of Auckland), Review of Contemporary Philosophy (Editor: Liz Jackson, The University of Hong Kong), Analysis and Metaphysics (Editor: John Ozolins, Australian Catholic University), Economics, Management, and Financial Markets (Editors: Dimitria Electra Gatzia, University of Akron Wayne College; Christopher Olds, Fort Hays State University), Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice (Editors: Michael A. Peters, University of Illinois/University of Waikato; Carl Mika, University of Waikato; Sonja Arndt, University of Waikato), Geopolitics, History, and International Relations (Editor: Anis Bajrektarevic, University of Applied Sciences-IMC, Krems), Journal of Research in Gender Studies (Editor: Najib Redouane, California State University, Long Beach), Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics (Editors: Leo Bin, University of Illinois at Springfield; Clement Tisdell, The University of Queensland), Psychosociological Issues in Human Resource Management (Editors: Hershey H. Friedman, City University of New York; Linda W. Friedman, City University of New York), and American Journal of Medical Research (Editor: Christopher Olds, Fort Hays State University).


The Artificially Intelligent Algorithmic Systems Research Unit, Westminster, CO
Director: Karen Coatney

The Cyber-Physical Smart Manufacturing Systems Research Unit, San Diego, CA
Director: Gerald Duft

The Internet-enabled Collective Intelligence Laboratory, Worcester, MA
Director: Malcolm Gray-Hawkins

The Center for Data-driven Automated Decision-Making, Detroit, MI
Director: Jane Catherine Hollowell

The Center for Big Data-driven Algorithmic Decision-Making, Portland, OR
Director: Douglas Hyers

The Big Data Algorithmic Analytics Laboratory, Memphis, TN
Director: Eliot Keane

The Center for Cognitive Internet of Things, Cambridge, MA
Director: Clive Lafferty

The Center for Innovative Data-driven Smart Urban Ecosystems, Cleveland, OH
Director: Mathilde Felstead

The Center for Smart City Networks, Riverside, CA
Director: Glenn Eysenck

The Center for Industry 4.0-based Manufacturing Systems, Pittsburgh, PA
Director: Anna Fielden

The Center for Cyber-Physical Production Systems, Irvine, CA
Director: Roger A. Donovan

The Center for Cognitive Decision-Making Algorithms, Vancouver
Director: Elizabeth Dobson-Lohman

The Internet of Things-based Healthcare Monitoring Systems Research Unit, Melbourne
Director: Caryl Burwell

The Smart Healthcare Systems Research Unit, Brisbane
Director: Glyn Brennan

The Center for Healthcare Big Data Systems, Perth
Director: Allan Bongard

The Big Data Analytics Research Unit, Dublin
Director: Malcolm Gaffney

The Boston Center for Smart Economy, MA
Director: Terry Hayhoe

The San Francisco Center for IoT Economy, CA
Director: Colleen Horick

The Center for Product Decision-Making Information Systems, Greensboro, NC
Director: Anna Challoner

The Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Systems Laboratory, Cambridge, UK
Director: Eilis Bourke

The Center for Real-Time Data Analytics, London
Director: Charlynne Bolton

The Networked Algorithmic Sociality Research Unit, New York City
Director: George Lazaroiu

The Center for Smart Digital Technologies, Minneapolis, MN
Director: Roderick Lemke

The Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences is the former name of the Institute of Smart Big Data Analytics.