The Institute of Smart Big Data Analytics is a research unit at the American Association for Economic Research, carrying out research on cognitive technology-driven automation • big data architectures in Industry 4.0 • cyber-physical smart manufacturing systems • artificial intelligence in financial markets • algorithmic labor in the platform economy • networked, smart, and responsive devices in sustainable Internet-of-Things-based manufacturing systems • digitally driven sharing-economy services • sensor-based and cognitive assistance systems in Industry 4.0, etc.

Journals associated with us: Linguistic and Philosophical Investigations (Editor: Marek Tesar, The University of Auckland), Review of Contemporary Philosophy (Editor: Liz Jackson, The University of Hong Kong), Analysis and Metaphysics (Editor: John Ozolins, Australian Catholic University), Economics, Management, and Financial Markets (Editors: Dimitria Electra Gatzia, University of Akron Wayne College; Christopher Olds, Fort Hays State University), Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice (Editors: Michael A. Peters, University of Illinois/University of Waikato; Carl Mika, University of Waikato; Sonja Arndt, University of Waikato), Geopolitics, History, and International Relations (Editors: Nicola De Blasio, Harvard University, USA; Anis Bajrektarevic, University of Applied Sciences-IMC, Krems), Journal of Research in Gender Studies (Editor: Najib Redouane, California State University, Long Beach), Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics (Editors: Leo Bin, University of Illinois at Springfield; Clement Tisdell, The University of Queensland), Psychosociological Issues in Human Resource Management (Editors: Hershey H. Friedman, City University of New York; Linda W. Friedman, City University of New York), and American Journal of Medical Research (Editor: Christopher Olds, Fort Hays State University). Top-ranking universities where our authors are located: Harvard University, University of Oxford, Yale University, Princeton University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Cambridge, Stanford University, Boston University, University of California, Columbia University, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, University College London, University of Michigan, State University of New York, Georgetown University, Cornell University, The George Washington University, University of Maryland, The City University of New York, Pennsylvania State University, University of London, Johns Hopkins University, University of Illinois, University of Massachusetts, California State University, Michigan State University, Duke University, University of Manchester, University of Connecticut, New York University, London School of Economics and Political Science, etc. Editorial board members include scholars associated with Harvard University, Princeton University, Stanford University, Boston University, Oxford University, University of Cambridge, Columbia University, San Francisco State University, The University of California, Cornell University, Georgetown University, Michigan State University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Miami, University of Connecticut, University of Illinois, University of Maryland, The George Washington University, Arizona State University, University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins University, etc.

Research fellows: Edward Bell, Kenneth Brown, Seth Byrne, Mathilde Felstead, Anna Fielden, Kathryn Harrower, Wendy Heaphy, Ann Johnson, Alice Jones, John Keane, Elizabeth Lewis, Frank Newburn, Helen Russell, Jennifer Sawyer, Chloe Segers, Theodore Sheller, Ann Stanley, Edward Taylor, Peter Ward.

The Artificially Intelligent Algorithmic Systems Research Unit, Westminster, CO, USA
Team: Malcolm Gaffney, Thomas D. Meyers, Trish Gutberlet

The Cyber-Physical Smart Manufacturing Systems Research Unit, Boston, MA, USA
Team: Arthur Williams, Gavin Sheares, Helen Jones, Tomas Kliestik, Katarina Valaskova, Maria Kovacova, George Lazaroiu

The Internet-enabled Collective Intelligence Laboratory, Worcester, MA, USA
Team: Malcolm Gray-Hawkins, Sarah Lewis

The Center for Data-driven Automated Decision-Making, Detroit, MI, USA
Team: Alice Johnson, Jane Catherine Hollowell, Stacy Hodgkins, Daniel Carter

The Center for Big Data-driven Algorithmic Decision-Making, Portland, OR, USA
Team: Douglas Hyers, Gregory Bekken, Derek Rommer, Marianne Sheehy, Kevin Morris

The Big Data Algorithmic Analytics Laboratory, Memphis, TN, USA
Team: Daniel Thompson, Dennis Heuston, Richard Breillat, Eliot Keane, Marty Eskridge

The Center for Cognitive Internet of Things, Cambridge, MA, USA
Team: Clive Lafferty, Kathryn Buckner, Tomas Kliestik, Katarina Valaskova, Maria Kovacova, George Lazaroiu

The Center for Innovative Data-driven Smart Urban Ecosystems, Cleveland, OH, USA
Team: Martin Groener, Brian Carey

The Center for Smart City Networks, Riverside, CA, USA
Team: Karin Cadge, Glenn Eysenck

The Center for Industry 4.0-based Manufacturing Systems, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Team: Anna Fielden, Robert Sawyer, Tomas Kliestik, Katarina Valaskova, Maria Kovacova, George Lazaroiu

The Center for Cyber-Physical Production Systems, Irvine, CA, USA
Team: Roger A. Donovan, Kirsten Byerly

The Center for Cognitive Decision-Making Algorithms, Vancouver, Canada
Team: Elizabeth Dobson-Lohman, Cheryl Slaby, Laura Palmer, Glenn Tucker, Ella Campbell

The Internet of Things-based Healthcare Monitoring Systems Research Unit, Melbourne, Australia
Team: Matthew Bargh, Kate Miller, Larry Bailey, Rebecca Coleman

The Smart Healthcare Systems Research Unit, Brisbane, Australia
Team: Susan Wright, Nicole Kenrick

The Center for Healthcare Big Data Systems, Perth, Australia
Team: Sue Krech, Christine Moore, John Carey

The Big Data Analytics Research Unit, Dublin, Ireland
Team: Thomas White, Ann Clark, Clive Lafferty, Margaret Allen, Andrew Dawson, Thomas Porter, Edward Miller, Jason Townsend, Alison Gordon, Glenn Eysenck, Wyoma Wilkinson, Caitlin McGinnis, Caroline Schreurs, Maureen Rosenberg

The Boston Center for Smart Economy, MA, USA
Team: Terry Hayhoe, Shirley Berke

The San Francisco Center for IoT Economy, CA, USA
Team: Colleen Horick, Karen Burke, Tomas Kliestik, Katarina Valaskova, Maria Kovacova, George Lazaroiu

The Center for Product Decision-Making Information Systems, Greensboro, NC, USA
Team: Anna Challoner, Thomas Newcomb

The Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Systems Laboratory, Cambridge, England
Team: Eilis Bourke, Elisabeth Peters, Madeleine Pickard, Devin Wingard, Gary J. Atwell, Linda Green, Darren Watkins, Jane Kirkman

The Center for Real-Time Data Analytics, London, England
Team: Charlynne Bolton, Alison Smith, Ruth Lowe


The Networked Algorithmic Sociality Research Unit, New York City, NY, USA
Team: George Lazaroiu, Marian Grupac, James Morris

The Center for Smart Digital Technologies, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Team: Roderick Lemke, Mark Buckley

The Center for Networked and Integrated Sustainable Urban Technologies, Fresno, CA, USA
Team: Daniel Rosenberg, Linda Hudson

Autonomous Vehicle Decision-Making Algorithms Research Unit, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Team: Evelyn Johnson, Susan Butler, Laura Howell

The Center for Sustainable Governance Networks, San Antonio, TX, USA
Team: Karen Sawyer, Diana Watkins

Digital Epidemiological Surveillance Research Unit, Louisville, KY, USA
Team: Peter Bradley, Ann Riley

The Center for Sustainable Cyber-Physical Production Systems, Omaha, NE, USA
Team: Frank Walters, Richard Martin

The Center for Sensing and Computing Technologies, Bradford, England
Team: Robert Watson, Elizabeth Lucas, Andrew Mills

Autonomous Vehicle Interaction Control Software Laboratory, Dundee, Scotland
Team: Susan Wallace, Jessica Martin, Ruth Gordon

The Center for Big Geospatial Data Analytics, Seattle, WA, USA
Team: David Mitchell, Michael Warner, Karen Levinson

Digital Urban Governance Research Unit, Wollongong, Australia
Team: Kenny Mulligan, James Lowell

Environmentally Sustainable Urban Development Laboratory, Bath, England
Team: Frank Harris, Richard Brooks

Big Healthcare Data Analytics Research Unit, Phoenix, AZ, USA
Team: Steve Brown, Alice Wallace

The Center for Networked Driverless Technologies, Columbus, OH, USA
Team: Elizabeth Blackburn, David Whitley

Deep Learning-based Sensing Technologies Laboratory, Leicester, England
Team: Susan Maxwell, John Hudson

Smart Transportation Networks Research Unit, San Jose, CA, USA
Team: Christopher Adams, Christine Anderson

The Center for Data-driven Planning Technologies, Edmonton, Canada
Team: Simon Wiggins, Andrew Norris

Data-driven Smart Sustainable Cities Laboratory, San Francisco, CA, USA
Team: Edward Hook, Melissa Warren

The Center for Smart Sustainable City Governance and Management, Derby, England
Team: Jason Preston, Nancy Shaw

Real-Time Clinical Monitoring Laboratory, Tucson, AZ, USA
Team: Robin Barnes, John Miller

The Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences is the former name of the Institute of Smart Big Data Analytics.